About Restaurant MellemRum

About Restaurant MellemRum

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About us

There are 3 values that are important in all that we do: craftsmanship, cosy atmosphere and energy! These are the values that motivate us to get up in the morning; they give us the courage to challenge ourselves and ensure that our guests enjoy their evening in our company.

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What to expect on Restaurant MellemRum?

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Visiting a restaurant shouldn’t be an inconvenient experience. We believe that if you’re able to pore yourself a glass of water at home, you can also serve yourself when you go out. Of course there should be a difference between eating home and going out. At Restaurant MellemRum it’s all about lovely food and great wine – and not about etiquette and rigid set of rules. What´s important to us is that you as a guest have e great time when you visit us – and that you feel at home.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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Contact info

Thygesen & Thallaug ApS
Restaurant MellemRum
Fredens Torv 2
DK-8000 Århus C
Tlf: +45 8617 1838
E-Mail: info@restaurantmellemrum.dk
CVR/SE nr.: DK 30598881
EAN-lokationsnr: 5790002191794

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Bank info

Jyske Bank
Reg. nr.: 6262 Account number: 1207778
IBAN-nummer: DK0462620001207778
BIC-kode/SWIFT-address: JYBADKKK

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We accept the following credit cards


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If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us by phone every weekday between 9:00 and 15:30 on phone nr. +45 8617 1838 or send us an email via the following button.

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